The Appliancification of Computing

NetBSD on a toaster

There’s a movement underway to transform the way we interact with personal computers. As computers become more automated and more intelligent, consumers are losing access to the software that makes them tick. The emphasis is moving away from computers as a platform and closer to computers as an appliance. What does this mean for end-users, and what does it mean for the future of our digitally dependent society?

(Featured image courtesy of NetBSD and Jeff Rizzo)

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Beginner’s Guide to Backups

Backups are something most people never think about until it’s too late. Computers can be finicky, and if you value your digital data then you’ll want to have a backup solution in place. This post explores two aspects of backups: the various types of backups, and everyday tools for performing those backups.

Disclaimer: Parts of this guide include instructions that, if misused, could result in data loss. Never run a command without being 100% sure of the outcome!

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An Introduction to Cloud Computing

As the resident computer geek in my family, I find myself explaining a lot of abstract concepts to people who might not have the background knowledge to fully understand them. I’ve had many people ask how I fixed a problem or what a hashtag is, and the most common response to my answers is “err, nevermind, forget I asked.” Despite this, one of the most common trends I get asked about – and perhaps one of the least understood – is cloud computing.

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