Why I Run My Own Server

Home server

As a way to keep myself up-to-date with trends in networking and web design (and as a way to keep myself occupied on really boring days), I run a private server. Many of the services we take for granted – email, online calendars, address books, chat programs, and media streaming to name a few – are provided by companies in exchange for access to the information used within them. In networking terms, this is called the client-server model: the client (your web browser, smartphone, etc.) makes a request to a server, which is run by a service provider such as Google, Apple, or Microsoft.

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Meditation in Motion

The word “meditation” often invokes images of a man sitting cross-legged, arms folded in his lap, smiling peacefully. It encourages reflection, introspection and personal exploration. While this is all perfectly acceptable, there’s a form of meditation that not a lot of people choose to explore or even understand as being a form of meditative practice. The ironic thing is, it’s something that all of us are doing at every waking moment of every single day.

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Creating A Distraction-Free Workspace

Distractions are everywhere. As a society that embraces digital technology and global communication, we’re challenged by distractions that our parents and grandparents could only dream of. Our modern workstations are gateways to an infinite source of gossip, news, opinions, and cat pictures. Despite this new, seemingly endless influx of information, we tackle the problem of distraction in the same fundamental ways as our ancestors: we define the task at hand and we reduce factors that don’t directly contribute to completing that task. This post demonstrates some of the ways you might minimize distractions in your digital workspace. Whether your a Mac user, a Windows user, or you use something a little more esoteric, these guidelines can help you focus more easily and be more productive.

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