8-bit Buddhism is an attempt to approach modern subjects, specifically technology, with a spiritual mindset. You’ll find reflections on Eastern philosophy, computing, creative and technical writing, programming, and a number of other topics. I try to present each topic from the human perspective to better understand how they affect us on a deeper level.

This website isn’t meant to be a guide, but a personal exercise in stepping back and looking at everyday life from another perspective. With all of theĀ  pressures, responsibilities, and stimuli surrounding us, it’s getting harder and harder to simply be present. Society demands that we create identities for ourselves, and in the process we forget how to be our natural, human selves. Learning how to let go of these identities can go a long way towards improving energy, confidence, awareness, and love.

I don’t claim to be any sort of instructor or teacher. This blog is really just for fun, and for archiving my own thoughts and experiences on topics that strike my interest. Hopefully you find something on here that will interest you as well. If so, please leave a comment on a post or send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!